Fire Accenture Before It’s Too Late

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The AAS today tries to make a case that’s it’s too soon to pull the plug on the Accenture deal. Well, really the case is, let’s pull the plug before it’s too late. A good number of the employees are still working for the state as contract employees. They could be retained if this disaster is stopped before it’s too late.

Privatization is a conservative scam. Yes, I said a scam. Nothing more than part of their plan to finally get the government into that bathtub that they’ve been trying to get it in for years. Not to mention to further their case of showing the government to be incompetent in the people’s eyes. What usually happens is a company will low-ball the estimate, get the contract, and then, as the project wears on, low-and-behold they need more money to finish the job. Privatization costs more, not less.

For more on all of this read the HHSC Suvivalist and the HHSC Employee.

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