Only a few hours to go

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We’re working on a few stories to report to you today:

Some of our reporting may be delayed today; however, due the fact that our crack reporting staff will be weeping like babies in front of the television throughout the day. The day has finally arrived. Over the past year, EyeOnWilliamson has been an outspoken supporter of Barack Obama because his intelligence, leadership and charisma. Today he takes command of the federal government, and we hope will begin the process of restoring this nation’s greatness. However, one persistent worry will linger in the backs of our minds.

The job is not finished. This state and this county remain trapped under the same oppressive GOP regime that is today vacating the White House. The people of Williamson county and Texas owe it to the rest of this nation to right ourselves and finish the job of removing all crooks and liars from office.

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