Rep. Diana Maldonado introduces first bills

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And no surprise they are focused on improving education, press release below:

Rep. Maldonado’s First Bills Target Education
Initial Package of Legislation Aimed at Improving Public Education

Austin – State Representative Diana Maldonado (HD-52) of Round Rock Tuesday introduced a package of Education bills aimed at increasing public school awareness for lawmakers and maximizing classroom time for teachers and students.

“I have always felt education is the backbone of one’s life because of the lessons it can teach us and its impact on our communities,” Maldonado said. “My package of Education legislation is a first-step towards building and sustaining a constructive dialogue between lawmakers and school administrators, educators and students who benefit from state programs and resources.”

House Bill 1330 would require that state legislators visit at least 5 public school campuses within their district every two years. The bill allows the lawmaker to decide how to spend that time such as speaking to a classroom about state government, touring the campus, discussing curriculum with teachers, or hosting an assembly on the legislative process.

“I believe this legislation will help to build trust and sustain an important relationship between our schools and our government,” Maldonado said. “This will also be a great opportunity for our students to learn first-hand how our government works and the meaning of public service in our society.”

House Bill 1331 ensures our students are properly trained on school bus evacuation procedures. Maldonado’s legislation requires schools to conduct emergency evacuation training one time per year instead of the current requirement of two times. This legislation alone would save Round Rock ISD $100,000 per year and return 5,700 hours of valuable instructional time to our teachers.

“By scaling back, we are still providing the needed emergency training to our students, but are restoring priceless classroom time and needed funds to our schools,” Maldonado said. “I am proud to have worked with Dr. Jesus Chavez on this legislation and look forward to helping it move through committee and receive a vote on the floor.”

Dr. Chavez is the Superintendent of the Round Rock ISD.

Maldonado also introduced House Bill 1332, which holds students, or their guardians, responsible for school issued textbooks and technological equipment.

Maldonado is also a Coauthor of House Bill 130 which aims to improve pre-kindergarten education. This broad bipartisan legislation would bring school districts and community providers together to offer a quality full-day pre-k program.

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