Statesman Blog Asks Why Williamson County Loves Mike Krusee

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The short answer is, it doesn’t. Here’s the post, Williamson County Must Love Rep. Mike Krusee. All I can say is Peter Stern hasn’t been reading this blog. But hopefully he will now. Williamson County does not support Mike Krusee and even 36% of the Republican base in the county came out against him in the primary. With that kind of tepid support for a long time incumbent that should show not only Democrats but anyone who is tired of single party unaccountable rule in this county that Mike Krusee is beatable. He does go on to voice his support for Karen Felthauser:

Well, this year the Democrats finally have a viable candidate to run against Krusee in Williamson County. Her name is Karen Felthauser and if I lived in Williamson County I’d vote for her no matter if I was a Democrat, Republican or Other! After all, why pay another $5 per day in toll taxes that amount to $100 per month or $1,200 per year per car when you don’t really have to? Ms. Felthauser is a community leader who also was a public school teacher. She vehemently opposes toll roads!

Ms. Felthauser is an impressive candidate in many ways, but at the least voters should replace Krusee with Felthauser just to save on paying out Krusee’s toll taxes!

Mr. Stern is right, Wililamson County does have a choice this fall and it’s a great one. Karen Felthauser will be a much better representative of the people of Williamson County, not the toll road consultants and builders.

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