Watching John Carter

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A new blog has been created called John Carter Watch. The Welcome post has this to say about the blog’s purpose.

I’m a progressive individual affiliated with a number of progressive organizations, living here in Williamson County, who is interested in what our U.S. Representative, John Carter, is up to these days. There’s a lot going on in our county — and in our nation — right now, given the current economic situation and the early efforts of the Obama Administration to address that situation, so I figured other Texans might be interested in what Rep. Carter is up to, too. I’ve created this blog as a repository for news of Rep. Carter’s words and actions, so that my fellow Texans can see what he’s up to without having to dig too hard. (I’ll do the digging for you.)

The goal here is not to “go after” Rep. Carter. I’m no partisan hack, and I don’t want this to be a hatchet job. The goal is simply to “report” on what he’s doing, for the sake of transparency and accountability. Yes, I’m a progressive — most of the time I’m probably going to be somewhat critical of his positions. I predict that I will often try to show why I think his positions are wrong for Texans and the U.S. in general. But I’ll also try to give credit where credit is due.

Sounds good, and welcome. A much needed resource.

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