Bad session for Dewhurst

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In his News 8 commentary Harvey Kronberg dissects GOP Lt. Gov. David Dewhursts performance, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst controversy. Here’s some of what he said.

As the session becomes but a memory, a few words are in order about the disappointing performance of the Senate’s presiding officer, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

His denials notwithstanding, most in the Capitol now believe that Dewhurst conspired with Sen. Tommy Williams to trick the other senators on the first day of the session. Williams surprised his colleagues by proposing a new rule mandating the Senate take up voter ID, a bill that Democrats otherwise had the votes to block.

The Williams play ultimately led to a session-killing filibuster in the House, by a handful of Democrats. But if Dewhurst was blindsided by Williams as he said, why did he reward him with one of the most important chairmanships at his disposal – Senate Administration?

Perhaps it was because of his upcoming wedding in June and the preparations were distracting. But Dewhurst’s erraticism, lack of concentration and inability to keep a schedule were the talk of almost every senator. He was rarely in the chair. By most reports, he was inconsistent and dismissive in his dealings with Speaker Joe Straus. He surprised and blindsided the House by not sending more than 400 bills in those critical final days.


I don’t know what is in Dewhurst’s future, but he is a talented man capable of doing well in politics. But in this five-month Legislature, he did not do right by his state or the Texas Senate.

While Dehurst may be “talented” and “capable” he’s never showed that he can do what it takes to get the job done. His lack of leadership is a key reason the Texas GOP has been unable to govern. I’m sure those in his party are aware of this as Dewhurst ponders what’s in his future.

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