GOPasaur shows up in Texas

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The GOP lead in the Texas House has fallen from 26 seats to 2 in the the last six years, leading some of the party’s most conservative leaders — GOPasaurs — to tout a strategy of recruiting candidates that tilt even further to the right.

Let’s hope Phil King and Texas Rush are the future leaders of the Texas GOP.

In February, King met with the leaders of the national organization and discussed creating the state organization.

“GOPAC has a tremendous history of success throughout the U.S.,” King said. “We’re just delighted to be affiliated with them.”

State Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, said that the two-vote majority lead in the Texas House is too small, and the group may help lessen the gap by supporting and recruiting new Republican candidates. The House is currently split closely at 76-74.

“We have a healthy state because of the Republican leadership we’ve had in recent years,” he said.

The group hopes to raise a target minimum of $4 million, which will go to help Republican candidates in Texas.

Another right-wing political action committee, filled with the same people that are responsible for the current problems the GOP is having in the Texas House, selling the same tired message, is not likely to help them win more seats. It does look like a pretty good scheme to raise money from a select few wealthy donors. The most likely outcome; however, is that more right-wing Republicans running for office will accelerate the voters’ rush toward the Texas Democrats.

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