DMN Endorses Perry Plan For Texas Highways, Including The TTC

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It’s sad to see a respected paper like the DMN shill for one candidate the way it is doing for Rick Perry so far, and today’s The Candidates On Roads is very similar to the shilling it did last week on the TAKS test. In the print column they quote and RAND Corp study (.pdf), which was actually testimony which carried a disclaimer stating, “The opinions and conclusions expressed in this testimony are the author’s alone and should not be interpreted as representing those of the RAND or any of the sponsors of its research”. In other words don’t blame RAND for this stuff. Then they talk of all the funding shortages to come and how high we’d have to raise the gas tax to make up for it (They mention this TxDOT study [.pdf]). They fail to mention anything about how much of that money would go to guaranteed corporate profits. No need to bother reading the whole thing I’ll sum it up right here: Everything Gov. Perry has proposed is excellent, all the other candidates are wrong, oh , except Kinky, on the gas tax, and the only way to do this is by letting corporations - foreign and domestic - build and own our roads. If the DMN is just going to rubber stamp all our current governor’s plans, they should just endorse him already and be done with.

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