Laughing at Laffer

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One of the men responsible for “Voodoo Economics”, Reagan, Bush, Bush era deficit spending, is back with some more Voodoo. His name is Arthur Laffer and he’s lately been globbed onto in Texas by James Leininger’s “free-market” think tank and he’s produced he has produced a report on what he thinks will happen if health insurance reform is passed. It won’t shock anyone that his solution is to let the free-market, i.e. insurance corporations, run wild. Oh yeah, and more tort reform - no accountability for those insurance corporations.

But as any former disciple of St. Ronnie he’s being paraded around the TV, and his ignorance is showning through, Reagan Admin. Economist: ‘Just Wait Until You See Medicare and Medicaid Done…By the Government’.

LAFFER: I mean, if you like the Post Office and the Department of Motor Vehicles and you think they’re run well, just wait until you see Medicare, Medicaid, and health care done by the government

Of course most informed people know that Medicare and Medicaid are health care done by the government, as is Veteran’s health care. Which are all run much more efficient and better than corporate health insurance, just ask Bill Kristol. Laffer’s comments were so laughable that his Texas “think tank” buddies had to come out and try an fix them. Laffer has produced a theory on what he believes will happen if health care reform passes. Looking at this past track record - tremendous deficits - should be enough to know how much weight to give to this one.

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