A Note On The TTC & The Governor’s Race

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First a fact on the TTC and the governor’s race. There is only one candidate on the ballot who is for this disaster and we all know who that is. Those of us who support one of the other three can, over and over again, list the reasons we think our candidate is the best on this issue. To be honest, all we have right now is their word. Truly we don’t know what any of them will do once in office.
The belief here is that Chris Bell, as with so many other issues - schools, the border, state parks, ethics, etc.. - is the only one that will deal sanely and rationally with this issue. Which includes making sure it never happens, Chris Bell is 100% against the TTC.

Bell has had to respond to repeated attacks on him regarding the TTC from many, otherwise, well meaning folks and that’s a shame. I believe that many of those who support ‘ol What’s Her Name over Bell have done so for several misguided reasons.

They just can’t bring themselves to vote for a Democrat, even to save their land and their way of life. They’ve been voting against their best interest for so long now it’s just become a habit.

The promise of a position in the future administration led by ‘ol What’s Her Name.

They bought into this campaign and just can’t let go and will do anything to continue to rationalize their support. On this point I’d like to refine it a little bit. Most of these folks when they first bought into this campaign they really thought she was the only viable option. As things started slipping away they started to hold on tighter. They slipped into a state of denial, shall we say. Having to rationalize the many shifting positions - in life and politics - of their candidate is now making them lash out.

Most of these people know about - I know they know because I get the email - and buy into the idea of a NASCO/Bush/GOP/Federal plan to run roads from South and Central America up through the U.S. and into Canada. Yet they expect the Bush connected ‘ol What’s Her Name to shut this down once in office. That seems highly unlikely. She was all in on this plan until she discovered that it could be used to her gain to run for governor. How do these folks trust that she won’t fold her cards to her’s and her children’s former boss if lightning was to strike and she became governor?

The truth is, whether you want to believe it or not, the only party over the last 100 years that’s fought for the people - working people, farmers, the less fortunate - in this country is the Democratic Party. Chris Bell fought for Texas and took on Tom DeLay when no one else would and he’ll fight for Texas and all of us to stop the TTC when elected.

But the other point is, as was pointed out earlier this week, it’s time for Texans to coalesce around one candidate in order to keep our current governor from being reelected. They don’t have to withdraw from the race necessarily. What Chris Bell was trying to show by his call to Friedman was that the Friedman campaign is no longer viable - Friedman has no chance to win. And neither does ‘ol What’s Her Name, despite what her internally jiggered poll says. The truth is, as has been said here before, the polls have shown two things consistently in this race, up until now, Perry at or below 35% and the other three around tied around 20% given the margin of error. That’s 95% of the vote and no way at those levels Perry isn’t reelected.

Of the three anti-TTC candidates Chris Bell is the only one with a base that can push his total to 40% and oust Perry. That’s the other fact of this race. This cannot be said in strong enough terms, you vote for candidates other than Chris Bell at your own peril. Sure you hate Democrats and you bought into her campaign, for whatever reason, but it’s time to realize that voting for her or Friedman only means that Rick Perry gets four more years and the TTC will come.

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