News 8 - Felthauser vs. Krusee

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Here’s the link, Texas State Representative, District 52.

First question out of the box, would you limit big money contributions?

Felthauser: Yes, I would..that’s just not right.

Krusee: The media exposes candidates who do. I never got any though. Paging Dr. Leininger, Dr. James Leininger.

Karen Felthauser is the candidate in this race that is getting the endorsements from the education community in District 52. Karen Felthauser is the Education Candidate in this race. She is against the TTC and tolling more roads.

Mike Krusee on the other hand sees Rick Perry as a bold leader and is a rubberstamp for anything he proposes. “The governor laid out a very dynamic, progressive plan early on. I supported that plan in every session that was called.” Mike Krusee as chair of the House Transportation Committee was Gov. Perry’s water carrier in the creation of the TTC. He’s responsible. There would be not better way to show how much the TTC is despised in District 52 then by sending Mike Krusee back to wherever it is he came from.

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