Mary Beth Harrell On Now! WOW!!

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You can watch it here. From what I hear this wasn’t shown on some of the PBS stations in the Killeen/Fort Hood area. Interesting, I wonder why.

The piece did an excellent job of showing how John Carter is for, yes, staying the course and the Mary Beth Harrell is convinced the strategy in Iraq must change and the civilian leadership - the President and Secretary of Defense - has failed the military. The other thing the piece highlighted well near the end was that Republican voters will be voting Democratic this time because of this war.

Here are some rough excerpts that I took down, for those who couldn’t see it. (My comments italicized):

Carter: “God fearing, moral values, support for the military defines our district.”

A women who supports Carter: Right of wrong were supporting it regardless. (It being the Iraq War). Only a Carter supporter would make a head-in-the-sand comment like that.

Carter makes this statement: “Present state of the war is 62% favorable in my district.” Please release that poll Mr. Carter. I don’t believe it exists.

Mary Beth Harrell tells her side, the civilian leadership has failed.

Narrator points out this fact: Harrell would be the only mother in Congress with a child currently fighting in Iraq.

This was the money quote: “If I’m the only women serving in the US Congress who has a son or daughter serving in Iraq, then that’s a sad commentary on our Congress.”

Carter then starts spouting his philosophy: “This is not a war in Iraq this is just a battle. The battle for Iraq in the war on terror. There’s a battle brewing in Korea, there’s a battle brewing in Indonesia, there’s a battle brewing in Africa. And I honestly believe that taking the battle to the enemy is better than fighting them in Galveston.” The Korean, Indonesian, African alliance is going to invade Galveston? I guess he’s for sending our troops to their country next.

“We didn’t attack them, they attacked us.” Sorry Mr. Carter. Iraq never attacked us. Most of those highjackers were Saudis, none Iraqi.

At the present state of affairs I think we should stay the course. Any thing short of staying the course right now and withdrawing only on our own terms will be a defeat which I think will bring disaster to the United States. No, leaving our troops and Marines there to “stay the course” is a disaster for the United States.

Harrell calls that election eve scare tactics.

People understand that something has failed in Iraq. Or someone has failed in Iraq and has failed on an egregious level.
Harrell speaks with passion about the frustration of the troops not being enabled get the job done.

I highly recommend everyone who hasn’t voted yet in TX-31 to watch this before voting. This is the closest you’ll get to a debate before the election.

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