An AAS Twofer

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The AAS Reports on the KNCT censorship, Killeen station blacks out program on candidates Harrell, Carter. Their excuse seems lame:

Jim Anderson, chancellor of Killeen’s Central Texas College, which runs KNCT, said he did not know until Friday morning that the station would not run the program, which aired on Austin’s KLRU and other PBS stations nationwide.


But Anderson said the station had never planned to run the program because it featured only two of the three candidates running. It did not include Libertarian candidate Matt McAdoo.

“We didn’t pull anything; it was never scheduled,” Anderson said. “I’m not sure we’ve ever been aware the program was available. I learned of it late Friday morning.” He said that if McAdoo assures him on Monday that he won’t sue the station for lack of equal time, the show could air as early as that afternoon.

The station’s decision kept voters in Temple, Killeen and Fort Hood from the only opportunity they would have to see the two main candidates’ stands contrasted in almost a debate-like format, because Carter has rejected requests to debate Harrell.

Every other PBS affiliate in the nation shows it and the one that’s in TX-31 and covers the Ft. Hood area just happens to take issue with it and not show it. Hmm.

The AAS also reports on the three Democratic candidates running against Republican incumbents in Central Texas, Three underdog candidates promote military ties as their advantage in GOP-loyal districts. The AAS is trying to do it’s best to show these races as unwinnable. The candidates don’t buy it.

Even so, the challengers don’t buy the analysis that the districts are out of reach.

“I think the only ones who will be surprised will be the political pundits who are out of touch with the way this district feels and the way this country is going,” said Harrell, who is challenging Carter for the 31st District, which includes Fort Hood.

It also gives us this little nugget about how these candidates have been drawn into such favorable districts that these members of Congress no longer feel any need campaign in their districts or address serious issues.

Beyond that loyalty, the 2003 redistricting orchestrated by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has created such an advantage in McCaul’s and Carter’s districts that “there is no reason for them to get bogged down in the details about Iraq,” Theriault said.

Yep, just say stay the course and leave the troops bogged down. Well at least the media is paying attention now, and covering these races.

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