Williamson County Corruption Will Continue If Republicans Are Elected.

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Republican County Commissioner’s candidates are loaded with campaign cash from toll road construction and engineering firms as well as many other companies with business coming before the county. Commissioner candidates receive campaign contributions from engineers, developers and those who have contracts with the county.

•Republicans raised more money, no surprise in a county where Democrats haven’t held an office since 2000. Precinct 3 candidate Valerie Covey raised the most: almost $70,000 including funds from the primary campaign she lost for district clerk.

•Owners of engineering firms and construction companies, along with transportation consultants and developers, have donated thousands to the Republican candidates. At least 20 of those companies have contracts with the county.

•Engineering firms that bid on toll roads donated only to Republicans, as did pro-toll road transportation consultants. The Democrats in the race have said they oppose toll roads.

•As for the Democrats, Georgetown City Council Member Patty Eason donated to each candidate, and area school district officials gave to former Round Rock school board member Brig Mireles. Michael Hofmann stopped raising funds a month ago, saying he was too busy, and Randall Craig raised only about $3,500. He made a point during his campaign of saying that he would not accept political contributions from people with county contracts.

Most of Craig’s funds came from family members and Democrats in Sun City Texas, a large swath of Precinct 3.

“I just feel like citizens would be able to have more trust in the decisions the court makes if there weren’t those contributions,” Craig said.

Despite receiving contributions from builders, engineers and others who do business with the county, Precinct 4 candidate Ron Morrison, a Republican, laughed when asked whether they could influence him.

If I thought I were going to sell out for a thousand bucks, are you kidding?” he asked. “I’ve contributed to campaigns myself as long as I can remember, and I’ve never asked one favor from someone I’ve contributed to.”

Mr. Morrison says $1,000 dollars can’t buy him off. But like this contractor says $250 gets you access that Joe Schmoe’s company who gave nothing doesn’t get.

Paul Workman’s construction company, Workman Corp., received about $14.5 million from the county for various projects since 1998. He gave $250 to Morrison.

“$250 does not influence a politician; it may just get us to the point where we could get a phone call answered if we need to see them about something,” Workman said.

The point is if a contract is between Joe Schmoe - he works hard and plays by the rules - who gave nothing and Workman Corp, who contributed $250, I’ll be the Workman Corp has a leg up. And if that contribution was $1,000 they have an even bigger advantage.

It can’t be any clearer than this. The Republicans are supported by the companies that are doing and want to do business in Williamson County, the Democrats are not. The Democrats have no conflict of interest.

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