And y’all thought the GOP Gubernatorial primary was going to be the bloody one

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Today Houston Mayor Bill White announced he will run for Governor:

From his press release.

Today, after listening to thousands of Texans from all backgrounds, Bill White filed to run for Governor, pledging to fight for Texas’ future.

“I am proud of the people of Texas, and as Governor I will move us forward as America’s great state of opportunity,” White said. “I’ll be a Governor who challenges Texans to lead, not leave, the United States.”

White highlighted ways of creating new jobs with businesses small and large across the state. He emphasized that Texas could not be its best with skyrocketing insurance and electric rates and college tuition that increases faster than the incomes of Texans.

The son of San Antonio school teachers, White vowed to focus on improving educational achievement in K-12 grade levels, improving high school graduation rates, and reducing the costs of college.

White, a successful businessman, was first elected as Houston Mayor in 2003 and was twice re-elected with margins averaging 88%. He has been hailed as a strong leader and a problem-solver, with the Houston Chronicle noting that he’s “deftly steered Houston through fiscal and tropical storms.”

During White’s administration, Houston led the nation’s cities in job growth, adding more jobs than 16 states combined. At the same time, he cut property tax rates five years in a row. After Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike, Bill White mobilized an effective disaster response including first responders, businesses and churches.

“I don’t have the polish of career politicians. But as a businessman and Mayor I know how to be accountable for results, not just rhetoric. I have a track record of bringing people together to get things done,” White said. “That’s what Texas needs now.”

Hank Gilbert decided not to file for Governor and instead for Agriculture Commissioner. He also decided to endorse the $10 million man Farouk Shami in the Democratic Primary for Governor.

As the 2006 Democratic Party nominee for Agriculture Commissioner, Gilbert garnered more votes than any other non-judicial statewide candidate on the party’s ticket.

“For me, my race for governor comes to an honorable conclusion. Today I start anew down an already familiar road into a familiar battle, and it is one I can and will win,” he said.

“The decision to seek the office of Agriculture Commissioner is mine, and no outside factors have influenced my decision. I announce this endorsement because I believe Farouk Shami can win and will breathe new life into our party and into Texas,” he said. “The policies I introduced as a gubernatorial candidate are close to my heart, and Farouk Shami concurs with what I proposed. I take comfort in the fact that the hard work I have done on transportation, LGBT issues, education, tier one universities, education funding, and energy and the environment will live on,” he noted.

“The ideas and people I fought for are the same ideas and people Farouk will fight for,” he concluded.

PDiddie has a great round up of reaction.

And I hope Kuff’s take is right.

This is the race I wanted him in from the beginning, and I can’t tell you how happy I am that it has happened. It was a long, strange trip to get here, to say the least, but getting there is what matters. It will be a tough campaign, but I’m as confident as I can be about it.

In related news, Hank Gilbert announced that he was dropping out of the Governor’s race, and will run instead for Ag Commish, which is where he started out. He also endorsed Farouk Shami for Governor. Whatever – next summer at the convention, when White is the nominee, no one will remember that. Time to move forward, we’re eleven months out.

I can fully understand Gilbert’s frustration. Democrats will be in excellent shape if Gilbert and White are on the ballot in November. Now we need a strong candidate for Lt. Gov.

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