Economist Says The TTC Will Make Everyone Rich And Money Will Fall From The Sky

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But it’ll cost you your family farm.

When studies like this are done by distinguished economists who goes back over them in 25 years and calls bullshit? Ray Perryman does have a very distinguished resume. He also has some big time corporations on his client list - and one consulting firm, Wilbur Smith, that responsible for faulty toll road projections - that’s all I’m saying. Don’t see many average Texans or farmers on that list. With tolls this high money will be falling from the sky for someone:

Tolls would range from about 15 cents a mile for cars to as much as 48 cents a mile for big trucks, which means the cost of a trip along the full length of the 370-mile toll road could cost from $56 to more than $216.

It always seems like those that are for this plan will say anything to make it palatable. They’re trying too hard, they’re doing their best to turn it into something that sounds too good to be true. And you know what we’ve always been told about something that sounds too good to be true? It usually is.

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