One Last Pander - Updated

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(New GOP House Leadership? Who’s that over Boehner’s right shoulder?)

It’s been a few days or so since I googled our Congressman, ahem, Mr. Secretary. He was recently elected as the Secretary of the GOP caucus in the house, he had no opponent. The picture above came form this article, Republicans Want Vote on Abortion Bill, about what the 109th Congress intends to do before the GOP is the minority. Nope, they’re not going to finish the budget bills - 9 of 11 still pending - they’re going to pander to their base.

The measure is tentatively on House GOP leaders’ list of bills to be considered in a lame-duck session before Democrats assume control of Congress. It has no chance of passing the Senate during the waning days of Republican control. But, with Democrats ascending to agenda-setting roles, passage isn’t the point, said one conservative leader.

“Next year, the leadership of the House will be hardcore pro-abortion loyalists,” said Douglas Johnson, legislative director of the National Right to Life Committee. “They will block votes on even modest pro-life measures like this one.”

Now that’s leadership. It’s funny that they still don’t realize that this kind of shenanigans is exactly why they’ll be in the minority come January.

[UPDATED]:Â More from Think Progress.

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