There’s still time to fix what’s wrong

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The Dems Delimna - how we got here/losing the base:

Canaries in a coal mine.

But again, African Americans, Latinos, and young voters aren’t tuning out because we failed to build bipartisan consensus with Olympia Snowe, or because MSNBC or the blogs made them angry. Making such claims is patently absurd. They’re tuning out because we wasted 2009 “negotiating” with bad faith actors like Snowe and Mike Enzi. The tools were available to quickly pass a health care bill, yet Democrats were too incompetent to do so. And on issue after issue, they’ve proven completely ineffective.

George Lakoff’s take, Where’s The Movement?

The good news is there’s still time to get it right.

Pass Health Care:

CPPP, Urge Administration and Congress to Move Forward on National Health Care Reform.
HCAN, Let’s Finish Reform Right.
Strategy Memo to Dems on Health Care, The right lesson from Massachusetts & the path forward on health care.

The best thing Democrats could do in 2010 is fight big corporations like insurance companies and Wall Street. On health care, the path forward is obvious:

Step 1 — The Senate passes a “reconciliation” bill with the popular public option and other budget-related fixes to the original Senate bill on issues like the national exchange and excise tax. This takes only a simple majority.
Step 2 — The House passes both the original Senate bill and final reconciliation bill back-to-back and sends them to the President.
Step 3 — A signing ceremony takes place that Democrats and voters can be proud of.

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