Perry and Inertia

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In this humorous AAS editorial today, Fighting inertia, Perry charges ahead, on Perry’s change of course on illegal immigration the AAS shows it’s hypocrisy. Since his 39% Gov. Perry has changed his tune and is supporting a “guest worker program”, which all conservative right-wing Perry supporters are always quick to call amnesty. If this kind of thing would have been done by a Democrat the AAS surely would have called it a flip-flop. But since they endorsed Perry for reelection they have chosen not to call him out on it. Instead they are saying this:

Perry campaigned on tough border security, but his support of a guest-worker bill isn’t a contradiction, Black noted. It’s tough to secure a border without knowing who is crossing it.

He’s right about that, but more importantly, Perry is right to urge a reasonable approach to illegal immigration at the state and federal legislative levels.

Oh the hypocrisy. It’s OK if a Republican does it. This editorial makes it seem even heroic. There goes the so called liberal media again. As I said previously we all know now that Perry was using this issue to secure his right-wing base during the election. Yes this is a contradiction and the AAS should point that out, even if his new policy position is the better way to go.

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