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It was good to see at least two of the the Democratic candidates, Farouk Shami and Bill White, get some free media on statewide TV last night. Let’s hope people watched. (If anyone missed it it can be viewed online here). It was not a contentious debate, which usually makes for better TV, but it was one where those watching were able to get a good sense of both candidates.

It’s clear that White will lean heavily on his experience bringing people together as Mayor of the fourth largest city in the United States, and Shami will lean heavily on his success as a self-made business man. Because of the non-contentiousness of the debate there really wasn’t a winner/loser situation. Both had certain things to do and, of course, each voter has certain things they want to hear. White was trying to get his name out and not make any gaffes, he did that. Shami too was trying to get his name out and also show he can be a credible Democratic nominee for the governor of Texas. And that last part is what I’m still not sure about with Shami.

I’ve never been one who thinks that just because someone can run a business, they can run a government. I don’t think it translates to good government most times. Some of the answers to his questions, and the harping on the governor as CEO, seems naive and seem to imply a top down type of management style. That’s not likely to work very well with the legislature. That being said there are many areas where I agree Shami on the issues.

White for his part has a very good command of the issues and where he stands on them. Spent a good amount of time attacking Perry, and some time attacking TxDOT. His answers on education, health care, and job creation/training were good. While White made a few good comments on transportation, hopefully he will come around to to raising the gas tax sooner, rather than later.

AAS, HChron, Burka, have some analysis. The Texas Tribune has it’s analysis including post debate Q&A’s with both candidates.

I agree with Martha that the first few questions were straight from the GOP Primary - School vouchers, abortion, gay marriage, and Voter ID. Texas Liberal’s comments are very good - debate moderation was not good, Shami came off as sincere but not credible on certain issues.

There could have been much better questions, delving deeper in the budget, health care, and education. There certainly should have been something on the Texas Enterprise Fund, on Perry’s cronyism and the the governor’s appointment power in general. The bottom line is at least two Democrats go to debate and they both did good for themselves and the Democratic Party in Texas.

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