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Having trouble putting thoughts together today so it’ll just be links today.

Bill White takes it to Perry, “[White] said he won’t rely on “Soviet-style budgeting” and “hot air politics” if he’s elected governor…“. But that’s all Perry has, what is he going to do?

Bob Herbert on The Source of Obama’s Trouble.

But while the nation is desperate for jobs, jobs, jobs, the Democrats have spent most of the Obama era chanting health care, health care, health care.

The talk inside the Beltway, that super-incestuous, egomaniacal, reality-free zone, is that President Obama and the Democrats have a messaging or public relations problem. We’re being told — and even worse, Mr. Obama and the Democrats are being told — that their narrative is not getting through. In other words, the wonderfulness of all that they’ve done is somehow not being recognized by the slow-to-catch-on masses.

That’s just silly. People are upset because they are mired in economic distress and are losing faith that their elected representatives are looking out for their best interests. They’ve watched with increasing anger as their government has been hijacked by the economic elite. They know that the big banks that were bailed out by taxpayers can borrow money at an interest rate of near zero while at the same time charging credit-card holders usurious rates of 20 to 30 percent.

They know that the financial fat cats are fighting the creation of a truly independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency. They know that while ordinary Americans are kept out of the corridors of power, the elites with their lobbyists and lawyers and campaign contributions have a voice in every important decision that is made.

It’s not the message that’s a problem for Mr. Obama and the Democrats, it’s the all-too-clear reality. People know that the government that is supposed to be looking out for ordinary people — for working people and the poor — is not doing nearly enough about an employment crisis that is lowering standards of living and hollowing out the American dream.

That last part, that the Democrats were elected to help the people - working people and the poor - that Republicans have been neglecting for decades, and the Democrats inability to help them, despite what Tim Giethner says,(They Saved the Big Banks But Kind Of Lost The Economy Doing It), is the cause of all of Obama and the Democrat’s problems. Their poll numbers would be much better if Obama would have come into office and rammed single-payer health insurance and a much better stimulus through Congress by the August recess last year. But I digress.

Another reason for the Democrats to pass health care, Limbaugh Promises To “Leav[e] The Country” If His Health Care Distortions Come True.

Colbert on Presidential Puberty.

“The Testicles in Chief have descended into Sack Force One. And Obama is swingin’ them with something called reconciliation.”

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