Great new site: www.theother49percent.com

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Here’s the link, The Other 49%, and what it’s all about:

  • The Texas Democratic Party launched a new microsite, www.theother49percent.com, to remind Texans that 49% of Texas Republicans rejected Rick Perry in the March Republican primary.
  • With primary season officially ending, it’s easy to remember the negative ads and attacks from the runoffs. But make no mistake – the most divisive primary race of the year was the bloodbath in the Republican Primary race for Governor.
  • Over $37 million was spent in the Republican primary by the candidates. The microsite serves as a library for the television and web ads produced by the Perry, Hutchison, and Medina campaigns. (Hutchison spent ~$20 million, Perry ~$17 million, Source: Wall Street Journal)
  • The online video library will provide fact-based context for each video in order to tell the story behind the issue or political attack featured in each video. Additional videos will be added from now through the November election.
  • In addition to the microsite, the TDP has built an accompanying YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and Twitter account to promote the site online. There will also be aggressive online ad campaigns in the future to target the site and its content.

Check it out.

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