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This morning I saw there was a link to this new blog, as part of The Hill, called Pundits Blog, it was linked at BOR. Not much there, looks like more of the cable news left said, right said BS coming to blogs. But I happened to notice they have a Congress Blog - where lawmakers come to blog. What the hell, I’ll check it out. And lo-and-behold who’s there posting? None other than, the Secretary himself, John “Duck and Run” Carter. (I wonder who really wrote this post?) Here’s the link, 110th Congress Needs Partisanship, Not Rancor. If you think the title is funny wait until you read the post. Here’s an excerpt:

I am personally very disappointed by the way Speaker Pelosi has handled her first order of business - the rules package for the 110th Congress. This rules package clearly defines the way Speaker Pelosi will operate the House. She intends to lead the Congress with secret votes made behind closed doors. There will be no opportunity for the Minority Party to participate in the debate. There will be no opportunity to offer alternatives or ideas of our own. She plans to rush significant legislation through without any opportunity to have normal review and consideration by committees. By crafting the most abusive and draconian measures this House has ever seen in its history, Speaker Pelosi has missed a real opportunity to change the way we do business in Washington.

When you stop laughing read the whole thing. He tries to tell us that the lesson of the election in November was that the American people want Democrats and Republicans to work together. Nope. The lesson of November’s election was that the American people were tired of corrupt, politicians who blindly follow a President into a war and abdicate their constitutional duties of Executive Branch oversight. Oh yeah, and here’s what the American people want accomplished.

Listed by favor/oppose/no opinion

Allowing the government to negotiate with drug companies to attempt to lower the price of prescription drugs for some senior citizens: 87/12/1

Raising the minimum wage: 85/14/1

Cutting interest rates on federal loans to college students: 84/15/1

Creating an independent panel to oversee ethics in Congress: 79/19/2

Making significant changes in U.S. policy in Iraq: 77/20/3

Reducing the amount of influence lobbyists have in congressional decisions: 75/21/4

Implementing all of the anti-terrorism recommendations made by the 9/11 Commission: 64/26/10

Maintaining the current Social Security system to prevent the creation of private investment accounts: 63/32/6

Funding embryonic stem cell research: 62/32/6

Reducing some federal tax breaks for oil companies: 49/49/2

Changing the rules to allow Congress to create new spending programs only if taxes are raised or spending on other programs is cut: 41/54/5

Now, let’s see John Carter work in a bipartisan manner to get every American health care.

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