Perry tries to “walk back” act of God comment, White calls for “reasoned discussion”

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Via Texas Politics it looks like Perry is getting snippy to the press about his comment yesterday, Gov. Perry, annoyed, defends ‘act of God’ comment.

Then, when I asked him what he meant by “act of God,” he said:

“Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go look it up , the definition, in the dictionary. I meant exactly what Webster’s says by that. It’s something that no one can put their finger on, and it may be an accident it may be something else. I do think it is very intriguing that those of you in the media have focused in on one statement when the clear definition of that is pretty easy to get your hands on.”

Here’s the definition from Merriam-Webster online:

Main Entry: act of God Date: 1783 : an extraordinary interruption by a natural cause (as a flood or earthquake) of the usual course of events that experience, prescience, or care cannot reasonably foresee or prevent

Here’s an excerpt what Bill White had to say, (read full press release, Understanding the BP Blowout and Its Implications):

“It is important that we know both the causes and means to prevent this kind of disaster as quickly as possible,” White said. “We cannot afford an energy policy that is based on either wishful thinking or irrational fear. Claims by those in public office or the industry that somehow this tragedy was unavoidable or some ‘act of God’ are not helpful to reasoned discussion.”

White’s camp also targeted Perry for saying that BP “historically had a very good safety record from my perspective,” citing the deadly BP refinery explosion in Texas City.

The press appears to be getting under Perry’s skin for making him explain his comment. White’s more rational approach on this subject shows how he handles this kinds of situations, as opposed to Perry’s pandering.

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