Racial profiling in Williamson County?

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Recent letter to the editor in the RRL:

Profiled? Get over it

Dear editor,

As a Mexican-American, I support Arizona wholeheartedly!

People complain there will be profiling. I hate to burst your bubble; profiling is alive and well in Texas.

I live behind a wealthy part of the city so sometimes when I am driving home I am pulled over by the sheriff for no reason other than to find out where I am going, where do I live, etc. [Emphasis added].

I could move to the east side, but I choose to live in a quiet, reserved area. No one drinking on the porch out here. No water hoses missing out here. No real traffic out here. I like it!

Now, I may get upset sometimes when they ask, but I want to live there so I suck it up.

As to Arizona’s issue, why the masses are upset - I cannot figure that out. Do they have an illegal aunt like Obama has? A cook, maid and/or yardman they don’t want to lose?

These illegals are creating a new form of slavery - the same sort of situation they left behind in Mexico, only it’s in the U.S.

We need orderly deportation. No hearings. If they do not have papers … they don’t have to go home, but they can’t stay here.

For you bleeding hearts: Start sending money to a lawyer to help the illegal of your choice. But that will be your choice.

- Carmen Fritz, Round Rock

This makes it sound like it’s a fairly common occurrence for people of who appear to be of Mexican-American descent to be pulled over for no reason other than how they look if they are driving in a “wealthy part” of the county.

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