In Austin, Citizens Fighgt Back Against Toll Roads

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McBlogger live-blogged the CAMPO board meeting here. Read an excerpt:

UPDATE: 6:40 Jennifer Kim, Krusee and ‘Can I sell you a car?’ Maxwell have arrived. Finally. Krusee and Maxwell are now chatting privately while watching the crowd that is, apparently, unified in opposition to tolls. The gutless Ogden, apparently has sent an alternate. Kirk just walked so I guess now we can begin.

There’s plenty more where that came from.

Read Sal Costello’s quick take here, and he promises more in depth analysis in the next 24 hours.

The AAS has this meager article on the meeting. It basically mentions that the vote was delayed, again. That the CAMPO board voted to trim it’s size, a recommendation made by a Chamber of Commerce task force head by Kirk Watson, the same Kirk Watson that now heads CAMPO. How incestuous. The tone of the article is very biased against those who went to air their grievances, as well. Basically making anyone opposed to these roads seem like radicals or conspiracey theorists:

Hundreds of people showed up at Monday’s meeting, which was delayed by an hour because of traffic congestion. The often-hostile crowd booed Watson, and some held signs such as “Throw the bums out.”Conspiracy theories were suggested, and calls of fascism were heard.And printing the same old, previously debunked, TxDOT numbers on raising the gas tax.

Fair and balanced.

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