That’s a lot of donuts!

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Via the AAS, $5 million in doughnuts? It was a typo, Williamson County Republican Party says.

At Round Rock Donuts, a dozen glazed go for $5.99, and orders sometimes reach 200 dozen, said Cathy Castleberry, president of the company.

So, when she heard the Williamson County Republican Party reported on its latest finance report that it spent $5,272,010 — or 813,058 dozen doughnuts worth (with sales tax) — at the bakery on Sept. 20, Castleberry wished it were true. “That would be nice for us, if that wasn’t a typo,” she said with a laugh.

The county party also reported spending $9,082,010 at a Georgetown Applebee’s restaurant on Sept. 8.

Both were clerical errors, according to the party’s volunteer treasurer, Jon Jewett.


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