Texas LSG updates “Texas on the Brink” - How scary will it get?

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The Legislative Study Group (LSG) is continuing what former state Sen. Eliot Shapliegh started.

In 2003, State Senator Eliot Shapleigh released the first edition of Texas on the Brink. With this effort, Senator Shapleigh made quality statistics and policy research that affects the lives of Texas’ future easily available to the public. Today, the Texas Legislative Study Group has the distinct pleasure of carrying on the essential public policy service Senator Shapleigh championed with the publication of Texas on the Brink: Fifth Edition.

The report captures, in a single document/booklet, over 180 statistics on the state of Texas, on most all topics - education, health and well-being, women’s issues, and the environment just to name a few. Here’s the web site, Texas On The Brink, and the entire report can be read here [PDF]. It’s a great report and can help anyone that needs to show Texans what has been happening to they state in recent years. We truly are on the brink.

Als0, the Texas Democratic Party has released the video below and asks, “How Scary Will It Get?“.

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