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Yesterday the U.S. Census Bureau released “more detailed 2010 Census population totals and demographic characteristics” for Texas.

Data for Texas show that the five most populous incorporated places and their 2010 Census counts are Houston, 2,099,451; San Antonio, 1,327,407; Dallas, 1,197,816; Austin, 790,390; and Fort Worth, 741,206. Houston grew by 7.5 percent since the 2000 Census. San Antonio grew by 16.0 percent, Dallas grew by 0.8 percent, Austin grew by 20.4 percent, and Fort Worth grew by 38.6 percent.

The largest county is Harris, with a population of 4,092,459. Its population grew by 20.3 percent since 2000. The other counties in the top five include Dallas, with a population of 2,368,139 (increase of 6.7 percent); Tarrant, 1,809,034 (increase of 25.1 percent); Bexar, 1,714,773 (increase of 23.1 percent); and Travis, 1,024,266 (increase of 26.1 percent).

They also have this cool interactive map widget, (Just click on Texas in the US map to see the information). The Texas Legislative Council has also put together maps an data for all the current districts here.

Kuff has a post with more, Census data is out. The Texas Observer made note to what these numbers look like for rural Texas, Census Numbers Terrible for Rural Texas.

There’s a lot to analyze, here’s what some of the changes in Williamson County look like.

Population by ethnicity
census total anglo AA hisp other
2000 249967 183847 13849 42990 9839
2010 422679 268575 30022 99201 27445
change 172712 84728 16173 56211 17606
pct. change 69.1% 46.1% 116.8% 130.8% 178.9%
Percent of total population by ethnicity
census anglo AA hisp other
2000 73.5% 5.5% 17.2% 3.9%
2010 63.5% 7.1% 23.5% 6.5%

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