Ibrahim Family To Be Released From T. Don Hutto

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WFAA had this story, Judge to hear case of imprisoned Palestinian family.

The Palestinian family imprisoned by immigration officials for three months is finally getting some good news.

Thanks to the intervention of two new attorneys and a good Samaritan, the family - a father, mother a son and four daughters - may soon be reunited.

I received late word tonight that the Ibrahim’s will be released Saturday morning and reunited soon thereafter.

“It’s almost like a Guantanamo in the middle of Texas that nobody knows about and we don’t know who’s there or why they are there or how long they have been there,” said Dallas attorney Domingo Garcia.

Garcia is just now learning about the prison and the Ibrahims, thanks to Dallas businessman and former Planning Commissioner, Ralph Isenberg.

Isenberg, who recently spent one year in China trying to gain legal immigration status for his deported wife, says this is another example of federal officials going too far.

“I have a sense of outrage that things would have gotten so bad during my absence that we are now putting children in jail. This facility needs to be shut down now,” he said.

So Isenberg and Garcia, along with immigration attorney Ted Cox, filed motions in federal and state court on Thursday to get the family released.

This would not have happened if all those who shined a light on this issue had not done so. Give yourselves credit but don’t stop fighting. Williamson County will have to deal with the issue again. The United State of America must deal with this issue and shut down this facility.

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