Rodriguez files resolution opposing jailing children in Taylor

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Press statement from Representative Eddie Rodriguez:

State Representative Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin) filed HCR 64 calling for the 80th Texas Legislature to urge the US Department of Homeland Security to reconsider all alternatives in the detention of non-criminal immigrants and asylum seeking families with children.

The Department of Homeland Security recently opened the T. Don Hutto Detention Facility in Taylor, Texas for the exclusive purpose of detaining immigrants and asylum seeking families who are awaiting immigration or deportation proceedings.

“Putting children in jail is a severe response to the issue of immigration. As a society we should uphold core values which reject policies that needlessly punish children for the actions of their parents,” said Representative Rodriguez.

Approximately 400 people are currently detained in the T. Don Hutto detention facility, of which half are children. These children are detained in jail uniforms and are in school for only four hours a day. There are reported cases of children as young as two or three being separated from their parents and placed in shelters, while their parents are placed in separate adult facilities.

“There are more appropriate and cost-effective alternatives than imprisoning families with young children, such as supervised release programs, that save taxpayers money and are effective in ensuring people appear for their immigration hearings,” said Rodriguez.

The excessive detention of families takes limited resources away from national security priorities such as law enforcement and other first responders to improve responses to natural disasters and terrorism threats.

“We need practical, realistic immigration policies and family jails are not it.”


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