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Here’s the article, National Spotlight Shines on Detention Center. They do an excellent job, as usual, of showing the true colors of those in charge of our government in Williamson County.

Williamson County commissioners may be living to regret that the county’s former overflow jail, the newly infamous T. Don Hutto Residential Center, did not invoke immediate self-scrutiny once it was converted to a federal detention center in December 2005.


What a difference a year has made, as this big bang of bad press was foreshadowed by nary a whimper on Dec. 27, the day the Commissioners Court ratified the contract with Corrections Corporation of America, which would serve as the “provider” with WilCo the sponsor and ICE the regulator. Before the vote, Sheriff James Wilson and Assistant County Auditor Julie Kiley soft-peddled the deal as relatively easy money, which would require not much more than a signature and net the county about $200,000 per year.


At that point, just more than a year ago, the local press announced the arrangement without questioning it, and the county did little more than cash the checks – until detainees voiced concerns, that is. Only last month did commissioners themselves tour TDH – again, under pressure.


Unless vindicated, WilCo will remain – at least in the court of public opinion – the county that jails innocent children for a cut off the top.

I hope they put that on their campaign signs next time they run.

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