Why are these guys laughing?

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Why are these guys so happy? Obviously they think screwing over poor, working, and middle class Texans is fun!

Here’s the full list of citations for all the facts in the video from GOPPricetag.com:

“The Texas GOP Chose to Decimate Our Educational System”
$9.8 Billion Cut From Public Schools - Texas Tribune

41% Cut from State Grants for Higher Education - KXTS

State Grants for Pre-K Programs Eliminated - Texas Tribune

“Instead of Choosing to Close Tax Loopholes”

Texas budget passes without Demos – El Paso Times

“The Texas GOP Chose to Put Texans Out of Work”

GOP Budget Will Cost Texas 335,000 Jobs - Business Week

12,372 Public Education Jobs Lost Since January 2011:

12,353 Fewer Public School Jobs In Texas (And Counting) - Burnt Orange Report

“Instead of Choosing to Close Oil and Gas Industry Tax Loopholes Worth Billions”

Lawmakers choose tax break for gas producers over schools - San Antonio Express News

“The Texas GOP Chose to Slash Medicaid”

Texas Nursing Homes Concerned Over Medicaid Cuts - Houston Chronicle

Yacht Tax Break:
Republicans propose tax breaks for yacht owners - Minnesota Independent

Here’s the latest from Legetv.org series Real People, Real Consequences.

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