Transportation Hearing Today

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You can watch it live here.

Pat Driscoll has some of the most eye-opening nuggets from recent Auditor’s report at Move It!

From watching the beginning of this hearing it’s become clear that to end the TTC and stop toll roads the public has become informed and will be more than willing to allow an increase in the gas tax to allow tolls and the TTC to go away. I guess it’s possible to say that that may be the best thing to come out of the TTC plan, an engagded public on transportation policy. It also goes to show what people will do when their most treasured resources are threatened. That’s not meant in a threatening way it’s just to say that many in this government thought they could just sneak this through and they were, to my great delight, mistaken.

Two more things:

I hope Rep. Mike Krusee is watching and no elected official, when this hearing is over, will be able to say they no longer understand what’s the TTC is all about.

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