A Finer Point On Today’s Hearing

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As I sit and listen to this hearing one point needs to be made in this discussion. The toll road schemes are a direct result of the defunding of our states transportation system. Whether it’s a coincidence or it was a planned this way - drowning it in the bathtub - who knows.

For the last 30 years or so, since the “Reagan Revolution”, it’s been blasphemy to say you were for a tax increase, no matter how justifiable the cause. Now the GOP bears much of the blame for this but so do the people who voted them into office. Coincidentally, and this is where I’ll get into trouble, some of the same people who’s property is in the way of this project are responsible for voting these people into office. By voting for them they validated this NO TAX policy and bear some of the responsibility for this.

TxDOT is lacking money because the gas tax hasn’t been raised in 10 years. While raising the gas tax would hurt, it is much, much cheaper than these toll roads. Toll roads run by the state or another public entity would also be much, much cheaper than these toll roads. To stop these toll roads and the TTC we need to raise the gas tax and that means all those people that have been anti-tax have to change when it comes to the gas tax.

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