TDP Does Rep. John Carter At TDH

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From this article, Carter weighs in on T. Don Hutto, in the TDP there’s a couple of interesting tidbits. First Rep. Carter’s take on the food:

Although he did not sample the food, Carter said CCA officials allowed him to inspect it.

“It’s very similar to the food you would find in a high school cafeteria in Taylor or Round Rock,” he said. “Green beans straight out of the can, fish or meat, pudding, fruit and cake - basic stuff that is healthy and edible.

“These people are from all over so the food is just something they aren’t used to. They weren’t telling us they were being starved.”

Carter acknowledged that in the past, the quality of meals for detainees was “not as good as it could’ve been.”

“Overall I don’t think they are getting bad food,” he said.

Don’t think? Give it a taste so you’ll know for sure. Come on John, take a bite, I dare you. Maybe he’s on a diet.

Second his take on the cost:

When asked about the price tag to house immigrants at the facility, Carter said he was stunned.

Under the county’s lease agreement with CCA, the company receives payment of about $2.8 million per month from ICE to house up to 512 inmates. The company pays the county an administrative fee of $1 per day per inmate held at the facility.

“That took my breath away,” Carter said. “Unfortunately when you are trying to do it right, that is the cost immigration is putting on the American people. It is a tremendous amount and it makes this crisis not only a human one but a monetary one.”

That, unfortunately, translates to CCA getting $33.6 million a year to run this facility and Williamson County getting a little more than $185,000 per year. I always find it humorous how little outrage there is from Republicans when corporations, especially those that contribute to them, gouge the government.


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