The Texas Youth Commission Scandal, So Far

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The bastion of liberal media in Texas, The Texas Observer broke the story, Hidden in Plain Sight.

Here are two from Kuff to help get us up to speed, TYC roundup and The cronyism never stops.

Vince has this post on The Human Side Of The Texas Youth Commission Scandal. Vince says this.

I have no idea how common sexual abuse of persons—particularly youths—in custody by law enforcement and correctional officers is, but it is especially troublesome because of the very nature of the positions of authority the officers hold. Correctional officers can make an already horrible experience worse for the youths in their custody should they elect to fight off such actions.

I would add that in the back of these abuser’s minds is that it will be my word against theirs, and who’s word would someone believe, a criminal juvenile offender or mine? Which adds to the deviousness of these crimes.

The other thing keeps coming to mind is would this have had any effect on last year’s election last spring or summer, and did that have anything to do with this information being suppressed. We’ll never know, but it sure could have added to the disgust for many people, especially in conjunction with the Mark Foley scandal.

Clay Robison in today’s HChron has an article that takes the everyone’s to blame apprpoach, No shortage of blame for TYC’s woes. Let’s not blame everyone because in a situation like this when everyone is blamed, then effectively, nobody get’s held responsible.

One thing everyone is in agreemnet on in this scandal is that it is going away anytime soon. So read the links in this article, familiarize youself with the scandal, and stay tuned.

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