KLRU’s Austin Now To Air Segment On T. Don Hutto

Posted in T. Don Hutto, Commentary, Williamson County at 11:30 am by wcnews

The segment will air tonight at 8:00 pm on KLRU, I will direct you to KLRU’s Docubloggers post on tonights segment, T. Don Hutto Residential Center, and you can view it online, Taylor Candlelight Vigil.

It’s a very well done piece. Please send it around to everyone you know, all over the country. The attention TDH is getting, do far, has already caused changes. The number of hours of education has increased and the razor wire has come down. We don’t want Williamson County to be remembered as that place that imprisoned children. Of course, this won’t be over until we no longer lock-up children.

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