Williamson County Democrats say it’s time for a new District Attorney

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Here’s an excerpt from the Press release, In the Interest of Justice, Williamson County Needs a New District Attorney:

On the Wilco District Attorney website, Bradley boasts of using DNA testing and the national DNA database to convict criminals. Bradley is quoted as saying, “Without the new Texas laws that take DNA samples from convicted felons and add them to [the] national database, Mary McCallie’s family would never have known who was responsible for her death.”[4] Apparently, when DNA testing and the national database are used to free the innocent, Bradley is no longer interested in justice.

When an innocent person is convicted of a crime, it makes all of us less safe and delays justice. First, because the real criminal is still at large, and second, because next time the wrong person is put behind bars it could be a member of our own family,” said Williamson County Democratic Party chair Brian Hamon. “John Bradley has a record of cover up from his recent stint as Gov. Rick Perry’s pick to chair the Texas Forensic Science Commission [5], scuttling an investigation into flawed fire science.

In the interest of justice, Williamson County needs a new District Attorney.”

An innocent man has spent nearly 25 years in jail for a crime he did not commit, and the damage done to him and his family cannot be repaired. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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