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Wayne Slater at the DMN has an article up about how the Texas GOP insiders - their SREC which is comparable to the Democratic Party’s SDEC - are not very enthusiastic about their filed so far. Here’s the article, Giuliani? McCain? State GOP loyalists not impressed. The leader right now is Gingrich. Here are a few candidate specific comments:

“I can definitely tell you that if John McCain were the candidate, I probably wouldn’t vote,” said Ellen Guthrie, a committee member from Tyler. She and others cited Mr. McCain’s push of campaign finance legislation and his past conflicts with Christian conservatives.


Mr. Gingrich recently admitted his past marital infidelity on James Dobson’s Christian radio show, saying his affair with a House aide was at the same time he was attacking Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Mr. Moore of Spring, who said he’d like to see a Gingrich-Jeb Bush ticket in 2008, called the affair “a minor tarnish” on an otherwise strong conservative resume.

“If he didn’t have the extramarital affair, he’d be as perfect as Reagan in every other way,” Mr. Moore said. (He is as perfect as Reagan who was divorced too).- eow


“We need a strong candidate with good name ID and a good record and someone who’s well liked and can garner some votes from independent Americans. And I think Giuliani is that guy,” said John Fowler, a GOP committee member from Dallas.

But others question whether religious conservatives would embrace a candidate such as Mr. Giuliani because of some of his moderate views on social issues.

“I’m certainly not going to support somebody that I don’t think is going to hold spending down and continue to fight the battle for the Reagan social conservative agenda,” said Jane Cansino of Lubbock. “So it’s not just about pragmatism, it’s about principle.”


“He lives his values, not just talks about them,” said Tim Hoy of Dallas.

“Many of my fellow Christians may have doubts about him being a Mormon. But if you look at the predominantly Mormon state of Utah, they have a young average population age and yet a low rate of crime, out-of-wedlock births and a high rate of intact families,” he said. “If Mormonism is a cult, with those characteristics, I would suggest that’s a cult we could use more of.”

Still, some members said they were suspicious.

“When I look at Mitt, to me he looks plastic. I’m afraid he’s just mouthing the words,” said Russ Duerstine of San Angelo. “He says a lot of the right things, but I’m not sure he’s for real.”

I don’t know about you but that’s funny stuff and I left out the pro-Tancredo, pro-Duncan Hunter comments.

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