Rep. John Carter’s Blog & Unanswerd Questions

Posted in District 31, Williamson County at 10:36 am by wcnews

There’s not much of substance in the posts on Rep. Carter’s blog. They appear to be nothing more than the same or similar GOP talking point laden editorials that he gets printed in the small town papers around the district. The interesting part of it are the comments to his posts. Especially to his recent post, Supporting Our Troops With Words and Actions. It has a few rah-rah, misinformed comments to begin with, and then it gets serious, excerpts below the fold:

Every day more American service personnel are being killed in this civil war. If you have any regard whatsoever for our troops get them out of Iraq. You want a “PLAN”–don’t waste another American life in an internal Iraqi affair! Attempting to pacify 26 million Iraqis who are bent on raping, slaughtering, mutilating each other cannot be done at the point of a bayonnet. You know the prior Bush sound bite, “When the Iraqis stand up, we’ll stand down” has been scrapped simultaneously with the November, 2006 elections. The American people spoke loudly. “Mission Accomplished” was just a distant lie of the past. What HAS been “accomplished” is now referred to as the worst foreign policy blunder in American history.

Would you Mr Carter, want your son or daughter, father, mother, wife or husband, etc, to be the last American to lose his/her life in a deliberately falsified agenda-driven war? If not, you need to honor your office grounded in the trust of your constituents and the American people and vote to get us out of Iraq immediately.


I am saddened to read this recent entry into your blog, as it indicates that you are standing firmly with your party agenda and not thinking independently. Most voters are tired of the war in Iraq and want some kind of change. It’s not feasible to assume that we will tolerate 10 or more years of active military engagement. Also, the President’s plan of altering the quantity and timing of troops has been tried in the past with grave results.

On most topics I disagree with the Democrats. On this, I at least give them credit for trying something other than the current policy. If nothing else, it’s a “better of two evils”.


In the business world, goals like this get people fired for being immeasurable and vague. In the context of war, comments like this lead to lives lost.

As a constituent, I respectfully ask that you question the policies of your party. The voters certainly are.


What are your questions to our President? What are your answers to the families and personnel at FT Hood? Where are your children in this war?

Surprise me with publishing this to your blog and providing some answers.

There’s more and I encourage everyone to read and comment at his blog. But, after seeing this at the bottom of a more current post, I wouldn’t expect him to respond.

Due to technical restrictions, Congressman Carter is unfortunately not able to directly answer questions posed on this forum.

Technical restrictions? Yeah, right. He’s just as unresponsive in the blogosphere as he is in real life.


  1. JimNtexas said,

    March 20, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    I miss Lamar Smith. He is too liberal on some issues, but he was the accessable congressman I’ve ever run across.

    He had frequent town hall meetings, where he came early and stayed late. He’d talked to anyone who had something to say to him. He also had a terrific staff in Round Rock who poked a couple of federal bureuacrats with stick for me a couple of times.

    Judge Carter is more like a, well, judge. He does the talking, we do the listening.

  2. PDiddie said,

    March 20, 2007 at 4:19 pm

    I miss Lamar Smith. He is too liberal on some issues

    Oh. My. God.

  3. wcnews said,

    March 20, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    Being responsive to constituents is the best way to ensure that you get those votes over and over again. Also having them do something for you is very good.

    But I agree w/PDiddie Lamar Smith too liberal? Didn’t think I’d ever hear that.

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