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Over the weekend I started seeing a commercial on local TV about public education. It directs the viewer to a web site, www.excellenceintheclassroom.com. They of course want the visitor to get involved and more importantly read their report. It’s from the Governor’s Business Council. Not much on who’s involved with funding and running this effort. From a search I could only find this AAS editorial, Let’s give teachers tools they need for classroom excellence.

This group, more than likely, started their advertising push in direct opposition to Raise Your Hand Texas. There was article this weekend about Raise Your Hand in the SAEN, New way to rate Texas public schools urged, (see Kuff on this too). Here’s their legislative priorities.

  • Universally accessible, full-day Pre-K and Kindergarten for all Texas four and five-year old children
  • Safe and orderly schools
  • A comprehensive review of the current accountability system to align with federal requirements focusing on clear, measurable results that are easy for parents, educators, and taxpayers to understand
  • Campus pay for performance based on improvements in student achievement
  • Financial incentives for those teaching in challenging schools and in high need subjects such as math and science, and bilingual and special education
  • Expansion of current graduation options to include new concentrations in career and technology, math and science, and the arts
  • Encourage choice within the public school system and support well-run charter schools that meet public school accountability standards
  • Maintain the vital resources needed for public schools by opposing voucher programs for private schools

They also have no problem telling you who they are.

This all goes very nicely with what the CCCP has bee saying for years, Personal income tax can boost schools, Texas and also what we’ve recently found out about who pays taxes in Texas. Say what you will, until we make education a priority in Texas it will continue to suffer.

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