Noriega Keeping The Pressure On Cornyn

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Statement of Rep. Rick Noriega on FISA Vote:

“Many times throughout my lifetime I have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States . This isn’t a part-time Constitution. We as a nation cannot grant anyone sweeping amnesty if they break the rules. It’s appalling that my opponent, John Cornyn, puts his special interest campaign contributors ahead of the Constitution. Texans have had enough.

Americans will not accept an abuse of power, and they will not accept corporations getting away with breaking the law.

We already have a law in place that balances national security concerns while adhering to the Constitution. This is not the time to compromise the privacy of the American people and not the time to disregard the Constitution of United States. I regret that the Senate has voted this way.”

Texas Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison flip-flopped their voters yesterday on the Medicare bill in the Senate when it became obvious it was going to pass.

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, tongue-lashed for days by angry Texas doctors, the AARP and military families, switched positions Wednesday and helped the Senate pass a bill to avert a 10.6 percent pay cut for doctors treating Medicare patients.

Noriega blasted him for his flip-flop.

..state Rep. Rick Noriega of Houston, called the freshman Republican’s reversal “a disgrace.”

Mr. Noriega said Texas families “need a senator who will stand up for them every day – not just when it’s politically convenient.”

After losing the support of the doctors, veterans, and seniors for his earlier vote, and being dogged by Noriega on this issue, Sen. Cornyn again set aside his supposed conservative principals, when it become politically convenient for him to do so, (see the GI Bill), and flip-flopped. Another obvious sign that Cornyn is feeling threatened by Noriega. Cornyn had to lay down once Ted Kennedy came back to the Senate and forced his, and many other Senate Republican’s weak hands.

Much more from Hal.

So well in advance of his next term as our new US Senator (Texas), Rick Noriega already casts votes in the Senate. Votes for Texans this time, instead of for corporations and special interests. His first vote, for his fellow servicemen and veterans, was cast when Cornyn flipped his vote on the GI Bill. And now, the second, for seniors with fixed income.

Not a bad start.

The beauty of the whole thing is that Texans are getting a preview of how their next Senator will be voting, and see the positive effects of his votes long before November. If they like what they see, they know what they can do on November 4th.

They can vote for the guy who is pulling John Cornyn’s strings right now, State Rep, LTC (and now “Puppetmaster”) Rick Noriega.

Or why vote for a Republican that votes like a Democrat when you can have the real thing? And get all the benefits of having a Senator from Texas in the majority party.

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